Desire Map Workshop Experience


Hey Guys!

So about 2 weeks ago I attened my friends mothers, Trina Keane’s Desire Map Workshop. I did the level 1 course which covers couple hours over two days.

I didn’t know what to expect when I was walking in but I had a general guess it would be about postitive living and expressing your feelings. Trina had the place set up beautifully, with our diarys & workbooks at our seats, a sacred area at the end of the table with candles around it. We were asked to bring something special with us so I brought my dream catcher which saved me from a lot of nightmares and a painting of the colosseum that I bought from an artist in Rome.

Trina read us poems, we had excersises and we even done some meditation.

I learned a lot from this course. We had to find out what our Core Desired Feelings were. I found mine throughout the course, Freedom, Inspiration, Beauty and Fearless.

We talked about the 5 areas in life, Livelihood & Lifestyle, Body & Wellness, Creativity & Learning, Relationships & Society and Esscence & Sprituality. We had a excersise of writing down what we were grateful for and what we wanted to feel in those areas. I was a little surprised I didn’t realise how I felt or wanted to feel until i wrote it down and I also realised the words I wrote down of how I wanted to feel, I could of felt but I’m not doing the right things to produce those feelings. Some words that showed up repeatedly were Free, Passionate, Strong, Confident, Fearless, Postitive, Excitement, Experimental, Inspriational and Happiness.

I was thought not be afraid of things that may pass me through life. I was thought not say ‘sorry’ when I’m not apologising and I was also reminded of what I should be greatful for everyday (my bed)…

To tell you the truth, I was a little scared before I started as I didn’t actually know what my feelings were or the feelings that I wanted to say I felt I have never actually felt before? but I started to see how my life was in a different light. I felt like .. a big bag of spuds was lifted of my back! It gave me a push to do the things I should or want to do in the future like jump of a plane or work around clothes all day (other than my own wardrobe).

I’m not a negative person but I’m exteremely negative about myself. I was told not to be so negative because if i don’t beleive in myself no one else will beleive in me. I realised I needed to stay true to myself to let others in. Some may think alike but do we all feel the same? Not in the slightest. No one is living your life for you, it’s your own world.

From now on, I want to feel all of my core desired feelings every single day. I want to be inspired, less afraid, see the beauty in everything and live the freedom that I have the rights to with no barriers. I almost thought ‘hope‘ didn’t exist in my life, probobaly because I think of the bad before the good but I know it will come to me if I try.

There is always room for development, it’s never too late to change things that you don’t think is right for you. I still think we have a lot to learn about ourselves, I mean, we are still growing everyday!

Some may not know how they feel and  sometimes that’s okay but how do you want to feel? Why live a life full of feelings that will only get you down, when you can turn around and suceed through a path living a joyful life full of happiness? There’s is always a way!

Overall it was a great experience! It was very inspiring and help me a lot ! I’ve only to feel excited for my future self.

Well that’s me! Don’t want to spoil it for everyone else who is going to do it! I really hope this inspires you to check it out!

If you want to participate in this course get in touch with Trina!

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Tiffanykylee x


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