Get to know me, RELAY!

As bloggers, I feel we are all in this community together so we should get to know one another a little more. Some people may be a little shy to express themselves in ways,

So I thought this will be fun and easy to share!

 6 Random Facts About Me

I am extremely obsessed with KPOP & Korean Television. I watch something every single day because it simply makes me happy! Bias Groups : Big Bang & BTS!

I have a big interest of Fashion. I studied Fashion Industry for 2 years and loved it !

I wanted to start blogging simply because I like to share my opinion, listen to others opinion and i love reading blog posts! So interesting!

I was born and raised in Ireland, lived here my whole life and my parents are from Hong Kong ! Love it other there! Dying to go back!

 I have a relationship with my Xbox One! I play games (GTA) I watch Netflix, YouTube and even surf the web! I don’t know what I would do without it !

And Finally, I really wish I could gain readers on my Facebook Blog , please give me a like 🙂

Rules ( not really rules)

I will ask you 6 Questions, You can answer them if you are comfortable with it and then you nominate others! Jump on the train it will be fun!


  1. Where are you from? Do you like living there?
  2. What do you enjoy doing that brings you happiness ?
  3. If you were to go back in time what you like to do again?
  4. If you were able to be someone else for a day, who would you be?
  5. If you had a chance to change something about the world, what would it be?
  6. If you got given a chance to do your dream job, what would it be ?


Sharon Beauty Prime

Stash Matters

A Brash Attitude

Whoever else can join in too!!

You can nominate as many people as you like!

Also check out my experience of Desire Mapping  !

Desire Map Workshop Experience

Let’s Connect!

Facebook : tiffanyleeblog

Instagram : Tiffanykylee



6 thoughts on “Get to know me, RELAY!

  1. That’s so neat you were born and raised in Ireland. How was it being a minority living in Ireland?
    Thanks for nominating me and your questions are really deep – need to think about them!

    • Yes ! Awhhh its good, feels safe here, VERY COLD ..ALL THE TIME, I’m quite proud of the country, not much to do though and not much produces here that I want, or jobs haha! I would love to live somewhere else for a while tho ! Where u from ? 🙂 , sure you don’t have to answer them if you dont want too 🙂 just for fun ! X

      • I live in Toronto Canada and I love it! It’s very multi-cultural. I lived in Dublin for a short stint (~6 months) years ago, that’s why I asked you how you like it there. Back then I felt a little out of place since everyone was an Irish-native. I was only there on a student Visa – I wouldn’t want to live there permanently just because it’s kind of boring lol. I did enjoy visiting all over Ireland though. 😛

      • Oh really I’d love to visit Canada! Yes Indeed, there isn’t much to do here, thats why I want to live somrwhere else ! It is boring haha! I like it and don’t like it here! Not much going for some people here !

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