Hey guys!

So this isn’t really a first impression but an over all review!

Essence is a beauty brand selling a range from nail polish to eye shadows, lipsticks, etc… I wouldn’t usually use any of their makeup products as I find them quite weak, but I swear by the nail polish! I use the nail polish religiously!

I love the nail polish as they sell a big range of colours, the brush fits perfectly on my nail, it’s so easy to use, it is quite pigmented and best of all it drys so quickly!

They are also a great bargain selling at about  1.50! (Euro)

I don’t have the strongest collection but it’s the most nail polishes I have of all brands.



They also have a top coat and base coat ( base coat I used it all)

and they have a quick dry liquid that drys your nail polish fast. It’s so handy for those who is impatient waiting for nails to dry ( like me ) or don’t have a machine that drys your nails for you !


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  1. I love essence the gel too ! it’s my favourite drugstore nail polish brand it’s such great quality. The XXL nail thickener my fave treatment. I can get 5 bottles for the price of one high end and it’s better than most high end polish brands, the trend editions are amazing too.

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