Urban Decay Setting Spray Review

Hey Guys!

I got a setting spray from Urban Decay, I’ve never owned one and realised it’s what I needed the whole time!


My makeup never comes off, it’s stays on my face pretty well but it’s meant to really lock your makeup in all day. It is meant to prevent your make up from smudging and making fine lines.

It is meant to also hydrate your face leaving a nice dewy complexion !
Which is what I needed the whole time! I usually like to use powder over my foundation but sometimes it can look a little dry or too powdered. The setting spray gave my face a little life!

It is recommended to hold the bottle 8-10″ away from your face spraying it in a ‘X’ & ‘T’ formations so it really gets every angle.

It is oil free and I think for all skin types.

I’m not too sure on price as I got this from my friend but you can purchase it in all Urban Decay Stores !

Thank you, Tiffanykylee.

Instagram : tiffanykylee
Facebook Blog : tiffanyleeblog


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