Dance Workout With BTS

Hey Guys!

So Im really into dancing & Im also a huge BTS fan. If you dont know who BTS is well they’re just the most amazing group in KPOP right now…. I put together a video (link down below) of their dances to follow in for 10mins, Yes a random Bts dance challenge! Im calling all dancers !
If you want to just watch it for fun or you want to learn their dances I swear to you by the end of the video you will have broken out a sweat.
Please check out my video, Thank you !


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Hey guys!

I have another MOTD look for you 🙂




Foundation : Inglot HD ’74’

Concealer : Crown

Eyeliner : Rimmel

Eyelashes : Red Cherry ‘605’

Lipstick : Wet n Wild ‘mochalicious’

Highlighter : Mac ‘soft & gentle’

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Hey Guys!

I’ll be writing about Kpop Mart today so if your not a ‘Kpopper’ this may come in no interest to you haha if otherwise then keep reading !

So I am a YG Stan, A massive Big Bang fan, So for my birthday my best friend bought me a Vip Light Stick and a Poster from ‘If You’. I’ve always wanted a light stick so believe me when I say I died and came back to life when I opened it. So after all the emotions she had told me that the delivery took around 1 month.

The poster was normal sized and the light stick came with batteries, both in perfect condition in a box.

Note: None of these photos are edited

scroll down for my own experience!




So After she had a successful buy with Kpop Mart, I thought I’d go ahead and buy the album. (which came with a free poster)

5th of January : I purchased the album . I got 2 emails, 1 stating my purchase and another with my order details.

13th of January : I got another 2 emails. 1 stating it had been shipped and another notification with 2 pictures attached of my purchases.

22nd of January : I finally received my package!

It took a total of 17 days which was not bad as I was expecting longer as seeing as I live in Ireland. It came in a long box and everything inside was securely wrapped.

12834581_1707840859462633_2074747969_n 12278255_1707840856129300_1584201616_n

  Opening the packages

Made Series A 

Front & Back Cover

Inside there was a CD (of course) couple of photo cards, and a little book of pictures w/ lyrics & credits





The CD worked perfectly fine and it consisted of the songs:

  1. Bang Bang Bang
  2. We Like To Party
  3. Loser
  4. Bae Bae
  5. Bang Bang Bang ( Inst.)
  6. We Like To Party ( Inst.)

I also got this poster with it included


My experience with Kpop Mart was good. I know some people are cautious weather to trust online sites or not. Although I’ve read some reviews before and some people had bad experiences with it. I though I would share mine to help others. I can’t promise the same will happen to you too but I didn’t get scammed or anything like that!

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Vendara Audrey Hepburn

Hey Guys!

So I thought I’d share with you my newest favoutite gift set !


Look how pretty it is ! I did get this as a gift from my boyfriend so I can’t tell you exactly where he got it from or how much it is!

It came with a lotion, purfume & shower cream and smells amazing !!

I got this about 3 weeks ago and still don’t want to take it out of the box yet haha ! I like the presentation too much !!


Anyone have a favourite gift set ? 🙂

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Ive been missing again for a long while !
I have forgotten my password ! (Silly me)
I also have no laptop and broke my phone (cries) .

But I now have a new phone and can start posting again wooooo!

(Sorry I can’t see how this post is laid out so forgive me, also there isnt many options for writing on this app on mobile, What up with that?)

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I wasn’t really inspired by anything when I done this look.

I looked at my palette and started painting my face !

Eye palette – Sleek Ultra brights Palette




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VMAs 2015 My Favourite Red Carpet Looks

Usually the VMA’s is were crazy things happen right ?

Miley Cyrus being host I didn’t know what to expect but it was all okay! ( expect for Nicki Minaj’s unexpected outburst )

But sure let’s see who I picked for best dressed !


in Alexandre Vauthier

I love the extra long fringe / tassle look on this outfit ! I think the shoes go perfect for this look and

Ciara damn wore it well!


Vanessa Hudgens 

in Naeem Khan

Vanessa always had gorgeous wavy dark hair and a cute smile!

Beacuse of that I think she suits an innocent look the best!

loose flowy clothes falls beautifully on her !


Stella Maxwell, Jeremy Scott & CL 

In Moschino

Firstly, I’m so happy Jeremy Scott brought CL to the VMAs as I’m such a big fan

and love the fact she is expanding into different countries!

and of course the gorgeous Stella Maxwell, face of Jeremy’s resort collection !

Love everything they are wearing!

They definitely brought the colour to the VMAs red carpet this year !


Rita Ora 

in Vera Wang

and Stuart Weitzman shoes

This is my favourite look of the night !

Rita Ora in my opinion, looks gorgeous in every colour (especially white, black or red)

Her skin colour is gorgeous as she can bring out such a glow!

The puffy feathers on this dress is gorgeous !


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